Thanks for hosting me Denver!

Last week I got to spend some time in the beautiful sunny city of Denver (and Fort Collins too).  It was part secret work project/ part family check up on my brilliant but stressed brother and sister in law/ and part mandatory mommy vacation.  You know when you just need a day away, well that was me, so my wonderful (and very sick) husband would not let me return early to help, but forced me to spend some extra time away from the monkeys.

Denver and Fort Collins were totally welcoming and fun cities.  I haven't been back for about four years and was thrilled to see all the building and developments (once an architectural engineer, always an engineer, you know!)  The weather cracked me up.  Being from Pittsburgh, PA (and Allentown, originally) I am used to winter.  I like winter.  Denver winter is funny.  My first day it was 60 and cloudy, second 25 and 4" of snow, third 70 and sunny.  You got to love a city where mother nature has a sense of humor!

My secret work project was for my longest running and most welcoming client (you can guess).  They asked me to film 4 videos for them, and who was I to say no?  Out of everything I do, I think teaching is hands down my absolute favorite.  Granted I like teaching live best, but this is not bad.  You get to be creative, and share what you know.  It is so fun!  I will of course tell you as soon as they are ready what the classes are about.  Till then, let me show you some of what I got to have fun with in pictures.

Nothing like starting the day with a little airbrushing ;)  And yes, I am totally 5 at heart.
Thank you Cory for the beautiful job making me look not like a crazy tired mom!

Yes, that is my "I will kill you look".  I am no model, I hate photos.  No wonder why my kids make this EXACT face too when I ask them to smile. 

First video of the day.  The camera guys are so talented.  They ran all three cameras at one time.  Amazing!

Other half of the studio, where Lindsay and Jill can watch for any oops.

Pretty background behind me + my book.  Matches perfectly don't you think?

My Rita and Wren clutch comes in handy!

Playing with Flowers

Lindsay and I at lunch.  And such a good lunch!  I am a soup person, and found two other soup people to share a great lunch.  And not your average soup, like African Peanut, Red Beef Curry, and more.  I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Second video of the day.  Testing my intro.  I stumble through the titles of my books every single time. You think at least the author should get them right?

Day two: fun with fake eyelashes.  My first.  Totally worth it.  Really did make my eyes pop behind my glasses.  And gave my 8 year old self endless amusement taking them off.  

Tray of goodies, to show/ demonstrate/ and mostly, hopefully, inspire!

Garrett working 3 camera at once on day two.  Seriously they are talented.

Me very excited about yarn, so my usual state.

Atenti overnight bag, Yarn Pop project bag, and Rita and Wren clutch.  Seriously, anything I talk about on this blog I totally use myself!

Last video, with a few of my old project friends from Berroco.com and Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.
Thank you so much to Jill Brooke for taking all these photos for me.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  Trying to remember to say every last detail I want to in my classes usually leaves me brain dead, and taking the photos both reminds me what we did and makes me chuckle too.

Now sadly the actual content of the classes is still secret for now.  They should be released soon.  Till then it doesn't mean we can't have some fun right?  If any of you can correctly guess the topics in each of my 4 classes, I will send you a little prize box of yarn.  You have to get all 4 correct.  There is no time limit, guess away until the videos are ready.  I will privately let the winner know that won and send them the goodies, so make sure there is a way I can contact you.  Enter by leaving a comment here or email me or tweet me.  Now I better run and get the last of those class handouts together!

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