Crochet Motif Construction Webinar

Octogon Motifs with Void Filled with Diamond Motif
What are you doing next week, specifically October 15, 2014 at 1pm EST?

I hope that is joining me at my webinar...

Crochet Motif Construction: How to Build Your Next Project with Crochet Motifs Live Web Seminar

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Do you love crochet stitch dictionaries for their beautiful motifs but do not know what you could do with them? Or have you ever wondered what else can I do with this crocheted doily? Have you mastered joining a few motifs together in a strip but wanted to know how you could transform that into a sweater or a bag?

Then come join me as I walk you through how to build and construct you next project with crochet motifs.
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I will guide you on how to join square motifs seamlessly, as well as how to spice them up with a fun crochet joining that makes a totally unique fabric.

With this webinar, you'll learn:
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  • How to join crochet motifs seamlessy.
  • To crochet motifs together for a unique lace.
  • How to layout and customize square motif projects.
  • Different hexagon and circular motif layouts.
  • How to fill in voids in your motif fabric.
I will show you how a simple trip to your local office supply store can be the key for unlocking those motif sweater layouts. I will break you out of the box with how to layout hexagon, octagon, or circular motifs.

Lastly, I will show you that keeping your old swatches can make joining and filling in voids in your fabric fun. Come join her and get ready to grab your hooks and stitch dictionaries after class to build your next gorgeous crochet motif project.

And don't worry, if you are busy on the 15th the class will be available for download at the Interweave Online Store.

Hope you can join me!
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