Blueprint Crochet Patterns now available for download

Interweave posted a few patterns from Blueprint Crochet as individual downloads.   They are using the book as a test to see how pulling patterns from older books will sell.  I am selfishly hoping they do amazing.  That would open up traditional publishing into some new benefits for us authors, and I love that.  I also love seeing these patterns again, it kind of tickles me since I designed them over 7 years ago.  If you want to see some of my thoughts behind them you can check out this post from before the book came out.


Tita Carré said...

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J said...

I love these patterns so much! If I didn't already own the book I would be buying them! These designs are pretty timeless, I actually just purchased the book recently and the pieces aren't dated at all - it's hard to tell they're a few years old! I'm sure they will sell fantastically as single downloads.

Unknown said...

rose quartz pullover partern pls? Is it available?