Amelia and Wiggles

If you have followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you will notice I have been talking a lot about Amelia and Wiggles.  Have you wondered who they are?

Amelia and Wiggles is the brainchild of my fantastically talented and super awesome cousin, Rebecca (yes, the same one who is my right hand women crocheting and editing for me- so I know how super she is you see ;) ) and our equally brilliant and wonderful friend, Karen.  They came up with this idea to sell yarn and at the same time help local farmers.  Basically, they are two-fold company.  One side is a consignment shop for local farmers to sell their fiber, yarn, and crafts.  You and I know that running a farm is exhausting work, and finding time to update websites, travel to festivals, and promote let alone sell their fiber is extremely scarce.  This is where Rebecca and Karen step in, they take all the yarn and fiber and sell it on consignment.  They handle website, questions, shipping, traveling, everything; so that the farmers can spend their time caring for their animals.  Brilliant right?  You can see the farms they have up on the website, and if you know any farm that would be interested you can contact Rebecca and Karen here.

The second part of Amelia and Wiggles is their line of hand dyed yarns and patterns.  Being expert knitters and crocheters themselves, they know what looks good.  They developed a line of semi-solid variegated yarn in great colors.  This is so new, its not on the website yet!  We will be premiering it at my booth (#69) at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival next weekend.  I am feverishly crocheting and writing new patterns for the A&W yarn that they are turning into adorable kits.  After the show, they will have the kits available on their website.

The patterns for those will be available on my website after the show (basically once I can breathe again).  The yarn has been fantastic to work with.  It has great bounce and stitch definition.  I even used it on film when I was in Cleveland a few weeks ago, since it was so crisp and cheerful.  I know its so hard to know how a new yarn will behave for you, but theirs is great.  Such fun to crochet!

We have lots more collaborations planned in the future.  I am just so stinking excited for them!

I hope you can stop by the festival next weekend, and if not at least check them out online.

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Way Out Wear said...

Wow - they are busy ladies! Love the yarn colours! I will keep them in mind! So nice of you to share their story!