Interweave Summer Preview

Interweave Crochet's Summer Issue Preview is up for the gazing.  In this issue, I have a summery cotton vest. This vest and I have quite the history.  See I was design and crocheting this guy right in the middle of my first trimester.  The extremely rough patch too.  It almost seemed like to me every time I picked it up, I had another attack and was constantly putting it down.  I don't think I crocheted more then 2 rows at a sitting.  Talk about frustrating.  Something of this size normally takes me about a week.  I think I was over 5 weeks late turning it in.  So bad that I delivered it in person to the editor a day before the photo shoot.  Awful.  Thankfully, IC was really nice about it and totally understood about being so sick. 

The vest/ top is a great one for beach or pool wear this summer.  The cotton is light and very washable.  The top is constructed in panels.  3 for the top lace section, then those are seamed and the bottom is crocheted off of that .  The stitch pattern for the lace is actually the same stitch repeated over and over, just with minor changes to the edges to make them slope.  The bottom is a gentle texture with some front/ back loop stitches.  One note, the website says its Tunisian crochet, but the project is all traditional crochet.  

The issue itself looks great with all the gorgeous projects.  I know I am looking forward to seeing my copy!

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Nice outfit :D like it