Sneak Peeks

I knew I was busy with graphics and proposals this past month, I just didn't realize how much.  I only have a few sneak previews for you.

One that is not terribly exciting to you, but I adore.

And the other that is terribly exciting but you still have to wait 6 months to truly see.

First is a little swatch of the project I just turned in.  Its entrelac Tunisian lace crochet.  I am a big fan of entrelac in Tunisian.  You can do lots of fun things and don't have to have a huge hook to do so.  I am currently crocheting 2 more projects in entrelac.  One for my recent secret project and the other for a school top for CJ.

New book coming March 2013
The second preview is a peek inside Blueprint Crochet Sweaters.  Interweave just posted a preview on their site of some of the projects inside.  I am blushing over here, goodness I hope you like them.  They are showing 8 of the projects, half of them.  I will say 2 of my favorites are not show.  Goodness, I am nervous at showing you guys these.  I really hope you like the new collection.  It has been quite the while since I have done only garments in a book.  Ok, go look, I'll give you the link.

(hiding now)  Especially if you like them!  We still have to wait 6 months before its released.  I should be getting the galley anyday, but have not heard anything yet.


jmo said...

WOW! It looks amazing!!! That preview is such a tease. The 4 on the right of the large picture (I can't zoom in to read the names)are ALL ones I would definitely look into for myself! They all look fantastic though! Can't wait to see the book. Great job. :D

Unknown said...

So excited for you! I'm sure, as it is with all of your books, that this one will be beautiful. Congrats!

apl said...

You don't need to hide. What I can see looks fabulous and I am definitely going to be getting this book.

Unknown said...

definitely like it :) I opened the link and I just said WOW! Now I can't wait for the book. :) Hopefully it will be available for digital download.

Chelsea Wales said...

I can't wait for this book!! I love the half of designs I'm seeing now...yay!! :D