Famous week

Kristin and I taping an episode about crochet thread jewelry.
I'll be honest, I have no idea what has kept me so busy that I have been away from the blog for a month. There were large proposals both design and teaching, a few designs, CJ's birthday, and my secret week last week.

Kristin and I taping an episode about crochet edging.
If you have been following my tweets you know I was away taping both some episodes for Knitting Daily and something secret.  You also know how much I can't stand getting ready for those things.  The beautification process takes me away from crocheting, and makes a very cranky designer.  I know, I am so weird that getting my nails done is pure torture to me.  What can I say?

View of all the camera and equipment just for little me.

Sitting at my table in my secret project.
Anyway, there are always upshots to persevering getting plucked and dyed though, I got to spend the day chatting away with my good friend Kristin.  We taped 2 epsiodes for her show Knitting Daily. I love spending time with Kristin.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  Besides how her mind works and makes those amazing knit and crochet projects, she has a ton of parenting advice, health and nutrition advice, and style advice.  No joke, I was so sleep deprived taking care of CJ (it was her 3rd bday party the day I got back from taping) and making all the million stepouts; I showed up handed Kristin my clothes and said HELP!  Funny.  I brought 6 outfits for 4 shows.  I had 3 sweaters that fit me, and tons of jewelry.  What I totally forgot was all the "rules" to taping and outfits, like no red, black, white, no polka dots, busy patterns, no bare shoulders.  All those things either expand (as in the shoulders) or make the screen go crazy (as in the patterns).  DUH!  What has it been since I last filmed?  A year.  Funny how I can forget so easily!  So out went all my crochet sweaters- the pattern was too busy for film.  In came making me fit into sample sizes.  I busted out laughing when Kristin suggested it, but she knows what she is taking about!  I am an L/XL and most samples are XS/S.  Luckily my back is a  M so we turned cardigans into shrugs, and wraps into floating vests.  Granted from the back it was funny with all the clips, but from the front I look polished.  That also goes for my bottom half too.  I was all business casual from the waist up in the shots, and under the table I am in yoga gear and crocs.  I have been the Kristin show since we parted, I start every other sentence with, "you know, my friend Kristin says...".  It has been cracking me up!

Half of stepouts for segment 1 of secret project. 
The two episodes we taped for Knitting Daily are on crochet jewelry and crochet edgings.  The jewelry is on my take on making quick and cheap thread jewelry.  Stuff that's pretty but if CJ destroys, I don't get upset since it was only a night of crocheting and maybe 2$.  The edging was using one of my favorites that you don't have to count the stitches as you crochet.  Its done perpendicular to the work and grows around your project.  I believe the episodes are on Season 10, so you can keep and eye out for those.
(of course, here in the burgh, I get none of PBS shows.  So I am in the dark on when they air.)

The secret projects come out either super late this year or early next year.  I taped 2 different projects.  They are part new material, part book stuff, part class material.  I will say one of them I do get to show you my favorite way to cut crochet and then fill in holes.  I love teaching it to people so they can be as fearless as I am with crocheting!  I will say that both of them definitely have my personality in that I talk a ton about being brave and just keep crocheting (we can always fix mistakes!)  I should probably stop there so I don't get in trouble revealing too much!

It was a great few days, especially since it will be great practice for taping Season 5 of Knit and Crochet Now!  Yup!  I can't believe it either, we are heading back to the studio and taping a new season in October.  I can't wait to see all my friends again and be the crochet cheerleader!

All right, I better go dig around and figure out what else I have to show off to you guys.  I know I was super busy this month, but its like I had a brain wash.  I can't think of what else I can show off.  I'll find stuff soon!  Hope you are enjoying the change to fall weather and crocheting with those wools and alpacas again!


Way Out Wear said...

Wow! As always you are truly an inspiration

Gene Bernice said...

Fabulous crafts!! I like your creativity and efforts.

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