Unexpected Afghans Winner

The Winner is Carmen N!  Email me with the best address for Interweave to contact you and they will get you your eBook copy.

So asking CJ to pick her favorite was not an easy task.  I have all the afghans in our spare room and letting her touch them (after energetically telling her not to in the past) was a bit like opening Pandora's Box.  She finally settled for Peacock, she said it was the softest.  Too Funny.  Ellen's blanket is lovely.  It has a great 3D texture to it which makes you want to curl up under it.

My favorite in the book (with lots of arm twisting- they really are all beautiful) is Tammy's Kaleidoscope Afghan.  It is a motif blanket that has colorful main motifs and solid connecting motifs.  Tammy's color play is so smart.  Each round is a different color, but instead of circles it looks like color work.  It is gorgeous.  Its one of those that look great up close and far away.  I just go to it every time I open the book.

I hope after the weekend you all found some of your favorites too!

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Unknown said...

I'm so thrilled that CJ likes my blanket :) It is really an honor to be in the same book with so many terrific designers.