TNNA: A few of my favorite things

TNNA may have seemed like years ago, but it was only a few short weeks ago.  I was in that crazy whirlwind of NY, PA, OH, PA, NC, DC, PA all in 10 days.  So to me it happened last week, even though that is so not true.

As always, there were amazing lovely people to chat and eat and giggle with and even more stunning yarns, notions, and designs.  (get ready to weave, is all I have to say! man, there were some stunners!)

In no order other then random stuff I remember:

Tulip Carry T Tunisian Hooks
1. WANT: Tulip Tunisian Interchangeable Crochet hooks.  I had a chance to play with these over lunch one day and fell hopelessly in love.  The weight and hook are perfect for getting loops on and off.  The bottom ends are slightly weighted so the cable hang down perfectly.  Now, I enjoy my Denise hooks, and I did feel like I was cheating, but I really really LOVED these hooks.  If I had the money (yes, they would be worth it), they really are on the top of my list.  I was totally going to swipe my friends set, but she needed them for a demo later that day, darn!

Yarn Pop
2. BOUGHT:  Yarn Pop yarn bag.  Ok, I picked this up at the Lion Brand Studio, but still I gushed to them at TNNA too.  Their simple bags are brilliant.  Yarn goes on one side, smartphone/ Ipod on the other.  Honestly, this is living in my diaper bag, I use it every day.  I adore it.

3. GIFTED: Hadaki bag.  Oh Man, Marly knows how to pick them.  This bag was a thank you gift from Marly for helping her.  This bag is amazing.  It is made from a waterproof material (easy clean!) with magnetic closures.  It is very tall, since it actually fits my mammoth laptop (yay!).  It is sturdy enough to take the weight of my laptop and not get ruined (as I did with my last bag).  I have used it from the moment she gave it to me.

Spa Shawl Top from Simply Crochet,
by Doris Chan made by Doris!
4. BORROWED then GIFTED:  I ran out of things to wear crocheted at the show, so I dipped into the samples I was returning to the designers of Simply Crochet.  I just thought I would borrow it for the day before I returned it. I was wearing a Doris Chan original (Spa Shawl Top from Simply Crochet) that was made by Doris Chan.  Then I proceeded to tell everyone I saw.  I even made random people try it on, because I fell that much in love!  The one I am wearing is the actual sample in the book (I am in NO way sample size).  This top is that amazing, it looks great on any size.  Then, get this, DORIS GAVE IT TO ME!  I know, I may pass out.  Do you realize how little crochet designers get in way of other crocheted projects (even if you  make it yourself.)  No one crochets for you, and you never have time to crochet for you.  I was so touched by her generosity, I am still teary over it.

Unexpected Afghans
Golden Ticket

5. THANK YOU: Thank you everyone who came to my two book signings.  I am so sorry we had to turn away so many people from getting a book.  I am so glad that you all were excited for both books.  It really was fantastic getting to talk to so many wonderful shop owners and yarny people about crochet.  (that's the golden ticket you needed for UE and my walking billboard for CSVE.  Well, it was my display for CSVE and when I left I had to find my roomie and ended up walking the entire floor with it.  More people stopped me and we chatted then I could count- thank you!)

As always, I picked up quite the few things for you guys too.  I will be posting that soon.  Stay Tuned for at least 5 giveaway goodie bags!
Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia Billboard


Voie de Vie said...

Love that photo of you and Doris - I'd be thrilled to receive such a gift as well!

Glad you had a great TNNA.

Top Shelf Totes said...

So glad you are enjoying your Yarn Pop bag! It was fun to see you at TNNA, hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago.


-Lori (From Yarn Pop)