TNNA Recap

Before the book signing.
This TNNA in Phoenix last weekend was great!

Me and Miriam Felton, and yes we are
 wearing the exact same dress!
It was the first one in more then I can remember, I only had 1 thing scheduled.  It was fantastic.  I had a late afternoon book signing and that's it.  Meaning, I actually had time to talk to people and look at all the booths.  Well, not really the later.  I am a talker.  I ate up all my time talking to people.  Seriously, I talked nonstop for 3 days straight.  That's what you get when you work in an attic alone (except for a toddler and dog).  Get me near real people and I don't stop.  Ask anyone, some had to run from the jabber mouth I am!

Simona Merchant-Dest, Me, Marly Bird

Anyway, it was great!  It was also awesome talking to SO many yarn store owners that all have crochet in their shops. Honestly, at my book signing I probably talked to 50 or more store owners that all have crochet.   If yours doesn't, they are really starting to be in the minority; and need to get on the crochet train.  I found the ones that really did want to have crochet and didn't was only a matter of having no one to teach.  So if yours doesn't and you can help, doesn't hurt to offer to teach some classes.

As always, I had a blast with all my yarny friends.  And these are only a few of the pictures I could find.  I don't know where I put Sunday and Monday's pictures.  I really did chat and really chat with so many great people my head is spinning.

Anne Lukito and I in her hats
I did come back with some goodies too. I am usually terrible about getting goodies, being so scattered.  I got to spend some nice time with Berroco at this show.  They gave out these adorable samples of yarn. I have not had the chance in forever to catch up with their yarns.  It was so nice to discuss and really get to study the yarns to see what I think would be great in crochet.  And boy, there are a ton in their yarn line.  I will have to tell you more when I can swatch more, but keep them on your radar for a great yarn to pick up at your local yarn store.

Goodies from TNNA
The books you see are for you guys.  I got a copy of both the Best of Interweave Crochet and Custom Crocheted Sweaters for you guys.  I will do a giveaway later this winter so be on the lookout!

Ok, so back to my crazy book deadline that I am swimming in.

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