Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Natalie Shrug

Today we are heading over to my super handy helpful crocheter, Megan Granholm. I rely on her quite a lot and give her some pretty wacky assignments. (you will see in the next book, one of those) Some are a bit more straight forward, like in this one, but all are wacky in some way. If you are looking for a crocheter of something that needs a bit of working out, she is your gal.

Today though was one of her own designs. She does some lovely Tunisian designs, and today is a little arm-warmer shrug. This little romantic shrug uses very little yarn. Works perfectly for taking summer dresses into cooler weather.

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A Word In My Head said...

this looks awesome, i have always wanted such a shrug...

do u have pattern for this.

please revert here