Simply Crochet's Countdown to Fun: Sidney Cardigan

This project, Sidney Cardigan, from Simply Crochet perfectly shows what I love about this book. It is a baby cardigan for less then 3 balls of yarn. The stitch pattern mixes post stitches and lace to keep the yarn count low and still not be too lacy.

The edging is a lace edging, so little fingers can play with it (or suck on it, depending on how little). The sample in the book is 24mths. The little girl in the book looks around 2 to me (maybe 2.5). I have it modeled below on CJ at 15mths. It is too big on her then, but you can see that if you made the largest size it really can fit them for more then a month. The sweater was modeled after my favorite sweater for CJ that was a simple one button car coat. It was easy to slip on her in our chilly house and take off after she ran around.

Looking to upsize or change the sweater? Then I think my DVD, Designing your own Crocheted baby Sweater class is perfect for you. The method I used to design this sweater is exactly the same one I highlight in the video.

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