Simply Crochet Countdown to Fun: Float Vest and Cardigan

We are getting close to the end on our book tour, just 4 projects left to show off.  And 2 of the 4 are mine.  The Float Vest and Cardigan are an oversized top that could also be looked at as a shawl (with armholes).  It is a basic rectangle with holes for arms.  You can wrap your self up or belt it in the middle or leave it open.  The stitch pattern is a fun chain space trefoil lace, very easy to memorize and quick to crochet.  I crocheted the tan and my wonderful, amazing crocheter; Diane, crocheted the green.  It was funny being at crochet group and we both where working on it.  Easy to check that our gauges were matching!  One thing to point out.  This shawl/ top will grow.  The lace is extremely lacy and the wool/ cotton blend is a bit heavy.  The top will naturally grow over time.  If this bothers you, try sub'ing a non-shiny acrylic (think velcro, not silk).  The silkier and heavier the yarn, the more it will grow.  The stiffer and lighter, the less it will grow.  I personally think growth is no issue, since the top is oversized to begin with; who is going to notice months from now it is an inch bigger?  But I know that can annoy some, so just watch your yarn choice.  

Today is one of my favorites, not because I love the stitch pattern (I do) but because it shows how easy it is to add sleeves.  I love when I have a funny concept and Interweave says "yes please go for it, Robyn."  So my idea was to have a bunch of the projects in the book shown in two ways.  One as is, and one with one additional skein.  My thought was, what if you had one more ball of yarn.  What could you make with it?  In this case, sleeves!  In Doris's case in a few days, a crop top becomes a tunic.  We had a couple of others, but they had to be cut for space. Still, it is really neat to be able to explore even just a little what you can do with just one more ball of yarn.  Hope you enjoy!

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Great stitch nice pattern.