Simply Crochet Countdown to Fun: Dots and Dashes Blanket

Ok, so by now you have seen kids clothes, women's accessories, toys, and baskets; all that can be made with 1, 3, or 5 balls of yarn.  But today, I am here to proudly show you a fantastic blanket that you can make with less then 5 balls of yarn.

Of course, this stunner would come from Ellen Gormley.  Ellen does the most creative granny square projects.  Her afghan designs are usually the ones that I bookmark, because I want to make them too.  This is not a surprise, if you have seen her book Go Crochet.  It is filled with inspiration to take the simple granny square motif and run.  I can't wait to see what she has to say about the blanket on her blog.  I can tell you that I jumped when I got her swatch and sketch, and said yup!  I love it.  From that very very early stage, I knew i would adore it.  Now if only, I could swipe it for CJ's room.  


Charlotte said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for the link. Merry Christmas!

Ms. Becca said...

Cute blanket :) I've got another crochet lesson with my mom coming up...maybe we'll take a shot at this!