Holiday Crafting

I took the holiday weekend "off". Meaning, I did not write or do anything on my laptop, but just crocheted and only when I wanted to crochet. Not on deadline mode. It was so relaxing, and reminded me that I really need to schedule more time off.

I got a bunch crocheted too. I am making a sweater for CJ in a one of a kind colorway from Lorna's Laces. When it is done I will make the pattern available for you guys. I am planning on up-sizing it to go from 12 mths to 8 yrs. It's a wrap cardigan that will have a solid lace edging. The contrast of variegated yarn to solid color lace edging will balance the very girly silhouette perfectly I think. CJ approves, and that's all that matters.

I also got through crocheting half of my next project for the book. Of course I had to rip it all out and start again, but by today I am at the same point so not too bad. I am laughing b/c it was a total tension thing. I am a tight crocheter, no doubt. But I crocheted something that was supposed to be 12" and it was 9" when I was done. In my tension too, wonder what was stressing me this weekend? All good now. Tension back to normal.

Time to get back to work. CJ has been playing with another item on my to-do list recently and it reminds me I have to format that pattern too. It is so funny watching her start to get into imagination play. Today she was a countess making dinner. (not sure where that came from, but the play hat is the pattern I will be releasing)

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CrochetBlogger said...

Glad to hear that you were able to take some downtime. It's so important!