Day 6 Stop: Annie Modesitt

We head to Minnesota today and visit in with Annie Modesitt.

Annie is a good friend of mine, and I am also a GIANT fan of hers. She is the best teacher I have taken classes from. I actually keep all of her handouts close to me every time I knit, especially cables. She just explains stitches really well and while entertaining you in the mean time. So you are there laughing, all the while not even realizing you are learning a new technique.

Annie teaches all over the country, but if she is not going to near you anytime soon you can also take an online class from her as well. How great is that?

Annie's review of the book, makes me blush. She is just the greatest cheerleader, is she not? Every time I am getting down and exhausted, she makes me smile. Enjoy!

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