Day 2 Stop: Yarnthing Podcast

Today's stop is with the sunny and giggling, Marly Bird, over at Yarn Thing Podcast.

Come join us at 12 noon today for some laughing and chatting about crochet. Marly and I always have fun, so it will be a great time!

Till then, have you seen Marly's latest book, Curvy Crochet? Or her latest designs? She is the creative director over at Bijou Basin Ranch (along with author, designer, teacher, and podcast host). Her work with them is fantastic and really shows what amazing things you can make with their great yarn.

See if you can tell all my great mothering acts in the 30 min show....
1. Let CJ watch Sesame Street to buy me 10 mins of quiet
2. Threw stickers on the floor to buy another 10
3. Then threw cookies on the floor to keep both baby and Faye quiet for the last 10.

Fabulous! Seriously can you hear me running away from the crazy loud toy she was playing with? You wondered how I "do it all". Quick answer-- not well.


VickiT said...

I didn't realize there were live radio shows in the blog tour that I had to get to by a certain time. oops. BUT, I made it there for the last 17 minutes but then had to register since I'd never done blogtalkradio before. At least I didn't think I had. Heck, I might have two usernames now for all I know. oops. Anyway, what I heard was fun and I really am hoping to get your book.

cveditions said...

Great technique! Keeping both baby and dog quiet:)