Granny Square Skirt

The preview for the Nov/ Dec issue of Crochet Today is up on their site. Included in the issue is my granny square skirt.

I was asked to create a granny square skirt, and since it is way to difficult for me to do anything literal... I had to do something different. The motif is an off centered granny with log-cabin-like edging on 2 sides. Each motif is rotated before seaming together to get a mosaic-ish fabric.

Of course, in my head there are a lot more motifs. Especially since, in my head I am designing for me, which would have more motifs to go across my hips. I think if I were to make this for me, I would make the motifs smaller so there are more of them. I really like the idea of the skirt, but am not crazy with the outcome. Oh well, that happens.

I finished this in June with the help from my cousin. She crocheted 12 of the motifs; then I made the shaping ones, seamed it together, and added the edgings. I love my cousin for being so cool with helping me out. Having someone who can tag team crocheting with me is fantastic. I still get to crochet and work out the fussy bits, perfect! (a lot of times I have to get a contract crocheter to crochet the entire project, so then I pout because I didn't have the time to make it myself).

You can see more of the skirt here and the details on the yarn. (Which actually is perfect for skirts. Durable and sportweight.)


CrochetBlogger said...

I actually love this skirt - my favorite item that they previewed from the issue. I can see it looking cute with more, smaller motifs, too, though.

walking the yarn said...

What a lovely skirt. I really like the neat fastening at the rear.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I love your creative use of the granny in the skirt.

Sherry said...

This skirt is lovely, & very popular on Pintrest! Unfortunately, Redheart has removed it from their site. Is there another link for the pattern?