Encyclopedia in the house

I got an email from my editor at Wiley this week that Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia
was printed, then boom its at my front door! This book moved so fast that I am still in disbelief that it is real. I only started writing it in mid January of this year, and its now in my hands. (for BC, BBC, and SC all took over 18 mths to publish from my start date of writing) So yeah, this moved fast.

What's in the book you might wonder? Well over 300 stitch patterns for starters. It is broken into 9 chapters: simple stitch patterns, texture and cables, lace, unique lace (Brussels, filet, broomstick), color, Tunisian, granny motifs, flowers and snowflakes, edgings.

As an art form and craft, crochet spans centuries and countries around the world. In this encyclopedia, I tried to pay homage to that fact. Inside you will find patterns that date from Victorian lace work, 60s retro granny squares, and modern interpretations of crochet. The stitches span the globe from here in the US to Ukraine to Japan to South America and more. I wanted to compile and touch on as many art forms of this unique craft as I could. You will find patterns that look deceptively like knitting, but in actuality are simply slip stitch crochet. You will find patterns that look deceptively challenging like the mosaic colorwork pattern, but in actuality are simply stripes of color. You will find motifs that range from the classic granny square to Gothic window inspired hexagons. In the Tunisian chapter, you can explore my favorite part of the technique which is the woven like fabric it can create.

Every pattern in the book has a stitch diagram alongside of the written directions. This is to help guide you in the pattern, and make it easier to see where the stitches will be created. Included in the chapters are tips and tricks of mine to make your work look sensational.

Below is a little slide show of a few stitch patterns from each chapter. Later in October, I have set up a blog tour with some great reviewers; so they can let you all know what they think of the book too. (plus, they all will have giveaways... so stay tuned!)

Till then, here's a peek inside:


Anonymous said...

Loved the slideshow, Robyn! Some gorgeous swatches there. I want to retire to a room and start churning out a long line of baby blankets just to try out all the patterns and techniques!

christinethecurious said...

Amazon informed me that my pre-ordered copy is coming in 4 days - I'm excited!

Yarn Twins said...

I just had to laugh when I read your title...because I was thinking of the 1972 world encyclopedia my parents use to own! Hee Hee!

But after watching your video...I wasn't laughing...I was drooling! Looks fantastic!