Winner Announced

Preview 1

I will not lie. I am not ready for our 3 day vacation to be over. I did not turn on my laptop once and just enjoyed friends and family for 3 days. So nice!

But I thought you all would want to know who won that great bag right away. We had over 100 entries between here and ravelry. I put them all in a bowl and let CJ pick over waffles and sesame street this morning. Congrats to RebeccaCrochets over at ravelry. I hope she loves it, I know I love mine. Yes, you guessed it. I did get one myself. For the most part, I am giving away everything from TNNA. I did keep a ball from the blossom street collection, heel cream, tape measures, and my own Namaste bag in peacock. It is fantastic and I am in love! One last giveaway this week!

Also this week I will be working on book 3 (preview above). Actually I will be cramming in book and magazine work this week. I have 2 chapters to work on and a sweater to finish. Better wake up from my vacation mode, and get moving!


CrochetBlogger said...

Congrats to the winner!

DaCraftyLady said...

congrats to the winner

Carmen said...

Muy inspirador tu blog,tan bonito!