Preview and last Winner

First things first,

I would like to congratulate Diane H on winning the last lot from TNNA. It was great fun dividing everything up,. CJ looked forward to every Monday morning picking out the winners. Thank you all for playing along with me, made my TNNA last all month.

This week brings me a challenge of editing the encyclopedia, finishing the last chapter on Book 5, and designing and writing 3 magazine projects. It is a tall order. No sleep for this mommy, I am sure. I keep thinking that I have to be getting close to the end of my to do list and it keeps growing longer. Kind of like the laundry that never seems to end, even though I do at least a load every day. At the very least I have another preview for you. This one is from the secret Book 5. (In the last 12 mths I wrote 3 books, Book 5 is the last of the 3. I might have called it other things on the blog, I can never fully remember. I have got to get a better secret code name for future ones that is for sure!) This is a highly close up version of the project, but still it is a preview. More on the book when I can. But better get back at in now!


Marifetane hobi said...

Very nice and easy into the hands of a model health örmüştüm something from me before my friend ..

FairyTaleFloozy said...

What is the name of that stitch, or is it a secret too?