What I did on my Summer Vacation

The last 10 days has been quite a lot of traveling for me. It started in Columbus at TNNA and ended in Detroit to tape the next season of Knit and Crochet Now!

Brett Maggie and I on set

Season 4 of Knit and Crochet now will have 13 episodes with projects for babies and kids to garments and accessories to pillows and gifts. It really has a project for everyone on it. There are a ton of tips stuffed into the show, so you will have to watch to see more. I will be on 6 episodes talking crochet, and 5 of those will be new Robyn Chachula patterns. They are so varied of projects that the yarn I had to bring for step-outs took an entire suitcase.

Very nicely my episodes overlapped Drew's so he and I got to hang out together backstage. It was so nice to have my fellow crochet expert to talk episodes with. See when we tape, Drew and Kristin tape their episodes first; then Maggie and I show up and tape ours. Seems so crazy that we are rarely together, but makes it so special when we are! No matter who is around, Brett and I always have a good time, she's my kindred spirit being a fellow Pittsburgher at heart. (At one point both of us where living in each others hometowns to the point of knowing neighbors without knowing each other, crazy. ) And of course Candi is backstage, my mentor in crochet, and we always learn something new from each other. This year we also had Michelle from Simplicity backstage, which was such a nice surprise. She has a fantastic mood that kept all our spirits high even when we got tired, plus lent a hand whenever we were short a step-out or two.

Drew and I on set

It was such a nice vacation from normal life. I got dressed, showered, and put on make-up everyday. I even got to eat an entire meal sitting down. Crazy! It really was a vacation to just design and crochet and not have to juggle toddler and house as well.

Waiting to go on

Last season and this season where taped in Detroit Public TV's new building, which is super nice. You can even drive your car into the building to unload, which I got a big chuckle out of driving my stuffed car almost on to the set to unload yarn and such. There are a ton of people behind the scenes on our show. We have 4 cameras on us to get all the views of our hands. There are then a number of people in the control room watching to make sure they get every shot. It is quite impressive how organized they all are behind the scenes.

Control room

I have a few more pictures on my flickr set. I believe they will start airing this fall, of course that is all dependent on your local PBS station. Hope you enjoy! I certainly had a blast taping them.


PoetessWug said...

I can't wait for the new episodes!! I'm sad that I haven't gotten to see all of them! PBS doesn't always have the episodes at a set time, and therefore I sometimes forget that it's suppose to be on...until I come across it by accident. Grrr! Hopefully they'll be some regular scheduling this year and I can catch it more regularly...especially since I'm following you as a fellow blogger and crocheter now. :-)

Z said...

Thank you for the link to Brett's blog. I didn't even know she had one.

Looks like you all had alot of un on the set. Can't wait to see the new episodes.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It looks like you all had a good time! I'm looking foward to the new shows!

CrochetBlogger said...

Sounds like a terrific vacation. Thanks for sharing photos!