New Product Weekly

This week I am delighted bring you: Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook by Ellen Gormley.

The book is brilliantly presented to the reader's as a workbook. There are 50 motifs that are diagrammed and written out. Then there are sections on how to play with color, lay out, and join them together. If not feeling so adventurous the first time, Ellen gives us 10 afghans to spark our creativity. The one on the front is quite the favorite of mine, as is this motif to the right. You can see that each one is diagrammed and written out. At the bottom there are suggestions on which others you can mix and match with. I am quite in love with the spiral bound. You can lay it open flat which you can not do with other books unless you are like me and break them open.

Ellen gives a number of great tips throughout the book. One of my favorites she mentions is to do all the same round on all the colorful motifs while traveling. That way you only have to carry one color of a yarn at a time. I love when there are good sections of helpful advice, and this book has it. It is definitely one to add to your library, and you will return to over and over.


Says Bianca said...

This looks really nice. Thanks for showcasing it.

Unknown said...

Thanks Robyn!

PoetessWug said...

It looks good!