Secret Book Revealed...

Today was super exciting. Interweave revealed the cover and some sneak previews of my new book.....

Simply Crochet BLAD

This book was a collaboration between me and a number of fabulous designers. I designed about a quarter of the projects, then wrote all the rest of the manuscript including drawing all of the diagrams. What was so special is that I got to also act as Editor for the other designers. We would brainstorm on style, stitch patterns, motifs, colors, and yarn choice. It was so much fun discussing real projects with them. I am so jealous of yarn companies and magazines that get to do that all the time. I will feature each designer in an upcoming post, because they each were fantastic to work with. For now, I can tell you I got to work with:

Doris Chan
Kristin Omdahl
Simona Merchant-Dest
Annette Petavy
Marlaina Bird
Julia Vaconsin
Margaret Hubert
Sheryl Means
Vashti Braha
Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
Linda Permann
Rebecca Velasquez
Carol Ventura
Ellen Gormley
Annie Modesitt
Tracie Barrett
Megan Granholm
Amie Bentley

I know, how awesome right?

This book is all about what you can do with just a few skeins of yarn. I am sure, you, like me, have random balls of yarn laying around. Well this book shows you what you can make with 1, 3, or 5 balls of yarn. Like you can get a small cabled project (like a hat) or a larger lacy project (like a shawlette) all with one ball of yarn. It has tips and tricks for making your crochet enjoyment last on a budget. The projects you will see run from women's garments, to baby clothes, to accessories, to home projects. It has something in there for everyone.

More on the book as we go. It will be coming out this winter around the holidays.


Anonymous said...

It looks AWESOME! I love the pink top! So feminine and romantic looking.

Sara-Jane said...

Congratulations! I so admire people who write books and then to act as an editor is just wonderful. What an enriching experience! I'll looking for it in bookstores soon!

Mary Sarah said...

This is so great! Congratulations and I can't wait!

CrochetBlogger said...

What a great idea for a crochet book and also a terrific roundup of people who collaborated on it!

jmo said...

OH! Lovely! I can't wait- it looks like a great mix of projects!

AECDesigns said...

OMG! I'm going to be ALL over that book when it comes out! Awe. Some.

madaboutcrochet said...

Click, click, click to add to ravelry queue - oh wait - it's not on ravelry yet! LOL