New in the studio

I forgot to show off my goodies I got at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival last month. They have become fixtures in the studio so fast that I completely forgot they are new!

Wren and Rita clutch - This cutie is ruffled on the outside. The inside is a differnt fabric with a pocket divider. It has been a great hook case for the diaper bag. So that I don't ever forget a hook again, and it keeps them safe. So far CJ has not stolen it from me, but that is only b/c I have hidden it from her in the diaper bag. Wren and Rita sell lots of different kinds of bags, if you are in Pittsburgh you will have to check them out at one of the craft shows. The fabrics are great, and actually totally sucked me into the booth.

JUL Silver pedestal buttons- These were pointed out to me by a friend, and as soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them. They are a shawl pin or sweater closure that you stick through the fabric and screw the back on. I use them all the time on CJ's sweaters now that she has figured out how to unsnap and unzipper. I adore the modern contemporary look of them made from leather and silver. Very cool! They came in a package of 6 at Knit One, totally reasonable especially if you split with a friend too.

I also got some book lights because I feel like I am always losing mine and you never know when you need to crochet in the dark.

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Unknown said...

Get a headlamp. REI sells them. Big elastic band to hold it on your head. Works great to crochet in the dark.