Motif Necklace

If you have seen the Crochet Today May/ June 2011 preview, then you have seen my latest project. And this one was a challenge.

The editor, Theresa, asked me if I could make a bridal necklace out of thread. My initial thought was, of course! But when I sat down to work, I realized that at my own wedding, I didn't wear any jewelry. (Granted we got married at sunrise in our jeans and hiking boots. But even at the party in the afternoon I only wore pearl earrings with my dress.) All the jewelry I wear is for day to day, or date wear; not really fancy.

It took a dozen tries, at least, to get it right. Actually one that I completely finished, they couldn't use since it still was too casual. Finally, after a ton of back and forth emails. I found my muse over at Anthropologie (of course). And came up with the motif and pearl necklace you see.

I actually made one for myself too. I used color for mine to show how easy it is to customize to your favorite beads and such.

The project is definitely quick. Maybe a night to crochet the motifs, another to stiffen them all, and another to put all the beads and motifs together. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Oh, and if you want to see this guy up close come to DFW Fiber Fest in a few weeks. I will be talking about how to make crochet jewelry and do talk about this necklace even more there.


walking the yarn said...

Well done! This is lovely.

CrochetBlogger said...

I think it came out terrific. A case of persistence paying off!

crazymotheringchick said...

Oh, this looks beautiful. Can't wait to make it.

Actually, that whole magazine looks great. Ready for delivery! LMHO

Z said...

This actually looks good!

I like it. It's very dainty, not too gaudy(?).

I think I can count on one hand, some crochet jewelry that I have seen that I actually liked, and I have to say this is about the third one.

Very nice!

banneull said...

About the stiffening process - I never seem to get it right, just a lot of sloppy results. Do you happen to have any tricks up your sleeve, that you may want to share? Please?

Anonymous said...

Lovely! And so unique. I'm sending this to my MIL, maybe I can hope for one in the near future!

Katelyn said...

This is GORGEOUS! My next goal is to do something like this. :-)