I am making progress through my to do list very, very, very slowly.

Come friday I will be 3 weeks behind on my book deadline. I hate that since I feel like I can't move any faster, yet am still behind. Oh well, no reason to stress over it. You know? I am just trying to enjoy the process since I feel like the more I write the more I am learning about crochet with this next book. I really am kicking myself that I don't have time to crochet more from it too.

My hands are itching to jump in on some of these patterns. Instead my hands are busy keeping CJ on the ground. No crocheting while she is playing for me anymore. I got myself a monkey. My dad swears that she takes after me, but I didn't become a monkey till I was an adult. (My old job had me repelling from buildings frequently, and we did honeymoon at Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park. So I do do my fair share of monkeying, but as a kid I thought I was tame. Guess not.)

Speaking of monkeying, I did get to tinker with a few projects this week. My publisher got in a jam and needed 2 projects in less then 2 weeks. Since I was so far behind, I really wanted to help out (plus that feeling of getting something done is always nice). The sneak preview is one of the projects. The shawl pin is something I picked up at Knit One after Karen told me about them at the Knit and Crochet Festival. They are really cool screw type shawl pins, and I will have to tell you more about them soon.

Well, back to drawing and writing. Only 240 more diagrams left in the book! Thank goodness I like drawing as much as crocheting or I would be in a world of hurt!

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CrochetBlogger said...

I think your effort to try to enjoy the process is a really good approach. Beating yourself up about being behind would just make the whole thing a drag and probably slow things down even more! It really is ok ...