Knitting Daily Episode

In my typical craze around here, I forgot to mention my episode of Knitting Daily is now airing.

I got to tape my segment last June at TNNA, which now feels like it was years ago. I had to keep checking my hairstyle to make sure it was only last June. (Crazy wave in hair= post CJ- so I knew it was only last June.)

On the show I am demo'ing crocheting in the middle bar of a half double crochet. It is used in the Upcycled Washcloths from Baby Blueprint Crochet. You can get the pattern for the washcloths by checking out Knitting Daily.

You can watch the preview of the episode here. Or check out Knitting Daily for more info on when you can see it in your area. Hope you enjoy! Kristin and I had great fun making the samples for the show 15 mins before we taped. We had our own mini crochet and chat session.

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CrochetBlogger said...

The upcycled washcloths look great!