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Tunisian Sneak Preview
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The holidays were a total whirlwind for us as they always are. I turn into quite the grinch and start to count down until they are over, so we can catch our breath again. Big surprise that we overload ourselves.

Sometime in that whirlwind, I got to sew in the zipper for this great project that Megan crocheted not once but twice for me! Which was nice to get off the work table and shipped to the publisher.

I have quite the work load going on around here with 3 books I am juggling and little CJ. I am one exhausted mom thats for sure. To add to the crazy, I fly out to Long Beach on Friday till Tuesday for TNNA. I will be teaching classes and doing a book signing. But instead of getting to catch up with colleagues, I will be locking myself in my hotel room as much as I can feverishly working away on my next book deadline. Which is in less then 2 weeks, ouf! If you are one of the students taking my classes in CA, I am apologizing now for any yawning I will be doing in class. So unprofessional I know, but totally unavoidable. (Thank goodness for the time change with the 8am classes!)

I hope you all had great holidays and got to crochet or craft a bunch!

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Megan said...

Isn't it a pretty color? I crocheted the bulk of it while waiting at Starbucks and then in the car for my husband and his friend as they went to an Oregon State football game. I was surprised at how quickly it went!