Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Upcycled Washcloths

A good friend of ours was telling another about parenthood. He said that the one thing you have to get ready for (besides the lack of sleep) is the housework.

That is so true. The amount of dishes and laundry just go through the roof.

These washcloths can be used to clean anything from the dishes to the baby (of course choose soft yarn for the baby.) I used Lion Brand's Recycled Cotton so you can feel good about re-using cotton that was just going to be thrown out. The bumpy texture makes them extra good for scrubbing.

You may see me on Knitting Daily TV talking more about these washcloths and the book in a coming season.

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Richard Rose said...

Washcloths are one thing I've never made, and I have made a lot of different things (see http://rosescrafts.blogspot.com if you want to see any of them).

Sorry, I won't be watching the TV show, we don't get it over here.