Countdown to Baby Blueprint: Hunter Pullover

This project was totally one of those "just because" projects. During the winter I think those intarsia knit sweaters are really cute; and didn't see why there was none in crochet that I liked. Well, that is the only motivation I ever need to design.

The snowflake band also made a good excuse to have some colorwork crochet charts in the book. We experimented with lots of methods before deciding on making the snowflake color bold and highlighted to make sure everyone can see where to change colors. It was fun coming up with ideas on how to best show them. Unfortunately, Ginny did not get to use that chart when she was crocheting the sweater. It was quite a challenge, and I know love her for the great job she did!

The sweater is really easy to put on too. The neckline opens all the way up on that one raglan seam with the buttons. The buttons are fake too; they have snaps behind them so you only have to snap to close. The yarn is Filatura Di Crosa Zarina, which is just a heavenly light DK weight superwash merino yarn. If you do this project, be sure to use a really really lightweight yarn. It will make a huge difference in feel!

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