Bijou Basin Ranch: Surrey Vest

This vest goes back in the time machine back to last spring. Bijou Basin was looking for an unique crochet design.

The Surrey Vest came from me wanting to do something that combined my love of granny squares and an easy wearing shawl like garment. I love shawls but always have the worst time figuring out how to keep them on while carrying anything (from a purse to a baby). This vest makes it easy to have the look of a shawl and the warmth of a vest. You can wear it as is as shown on the model. You can wear the collar pinned up for a slouchy cowl or wide open and cinched at the waist.

The vest uses Bijou Spun Tibetan Dream (85% yak/ 15% nylon blend). It is lovely to work with in crochet. The results are soft and earthy, very unique.

You can get the pattern at their website or at a LYS that sells Bijou Basin yarn. While at their site, check out some of the other patterns. The Fall 2010 line has some stunners in it, both knit and crocheted. Trust me some of the crocheted stuff will blow you away, you will have no idea they are actually crocheted!


crazymotheringchick said...

Robin, this was a sneak peek a little while back, wasn't it?

That vest is beautiful, I absolutely love it.

glor said...

How very, very beautiful!

Unknown said...

Beautiful.. wish i could make this

Anonymous said...

This is so elegant and old-fashioned in a stylish way. Love it!

Mary Sarah said...

It's gorgeous! What an amazing design. I can't wait to see the others!

Anonymous said...

Heavens, that's wonderful!