ATTN: Columbus Area Crocheters (and Knitters, too)

For anyone within driving distance of Columbus, OH... that means you Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Dayton, and even Cleveland, Indy, and Lexington ...

Stitch Cooperative is holding some really cool crochet and knitting classes!

How cool? Annie Modesitt cool. Yes, you heard me she is teaching and you better run to sign up. I am telling you, she is the best teacher I have ever taken classes from. Worth every penny.

Who else is teaching? Shannon Okey (and you know she is going to hook you up with great info!), Miriam Felton (the lace goddess), Andi Smith (the most amazing technical knitter and crocheter), Teva Durham & Dora Ohrenstein (talking about creativity); oh and little oh me too!

Where exactly: Courtyard Marriot, in downtown Columbus, OH (super close to great restaurants and Jeni's ice cream, mmm)

When? The weekend of June 10- 13 (My birthday weekend, btw)

Why? Well, that's a good question. See, as I have told you before, I am whole heartily into supporting fellow designers. And for most of us, we support ourselves by doing many jobs in the industry. One of them being teaching. Since we only get together just once or twice a year in person, we decided that we needed to take the opportunity to teach together. This way you can make a whole day or weekend of supporting small business women, like myself, while learning some great techniques and ideas from other fabulous designers. All the profit goes directly to the designer (after the cost of the room), the coop is collecting nothing.

I will be teaching Crochet Like a Pro (a favorite of mine) and Baby Crochet 101: Funny thing I learned on the way to the Baby Sweater (very appropriate for a certain book of mine coming out soon). Both classes are great for anyone who wants to step up their crochet skills or looking to learn how to be their own crochet designer. You can see more details of my classes and my fellow designers at the website. I hope to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

OMG how exciting! I live in Chicago but can certainly drive to Columbus for you guys!