Work Table

If you have been following me on twitter or facebook, you know that I was worrying a bit about my workload for the rest of March. Well, as most things in our life, it is either fast or feast, and usually comes in 3.

My 3 from early last week? One assignment from a crochet magazine that was a bit of a challenge for me to come up with something that fit the bill and also be something I would be proud of. One assignment was a switcheroo for another crochet magazine. On the day the project was due, the yarn still had not arrived, so we changed course and came up with a new project with yarn I have here (the aqua balls in the picture). I had them saved for a project for CJ this summer, but I am happy that they will be going to good use. Lastly, the new book edits are starting to trickle in which are wonderful (because it means the book is moving along) and awful (because now I get to see first hand how bad my baby brain was while writing the book). [Note to self: Do not write another book while in your last trimester and newborn stage of baby. Ouf, do we have our work cut out for us in editing!]

But speaking of moving along, look what I found on Amazon. I think that's the earliest I have seen a new listing go up, I was shocked to find it there.

So for me the next 2 weeks will all be about, editing during CJ's naps (lets cross our fingers together that she will nap) and crocheting during playtime. It will be quite the short period of time, since at the end; we will be flying solo (just babe and me) home for Passover. Thus starting the spring holiday extravaganza. Passover on Monday in Allentown, PA; Easter on Sunday back in Cincinnati, then to Pittsburgh on Thursday for the last Penguins game in Mellon Arena (Mr CBF is a hockey nut). Yes, that's 3 weekends booked with family fun. It should be great, as long as I finish my work. So I guess I better stop delaying and get at it!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. That other project in the photo (the sneak preview) is another CBF pattern that I hope to release in April. It just needs a border and a name. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of something to do with lace, or queens, or fruit.


smallsmallfaery said...

Your project makes me think of fruit punch.

Looking forward to your new book! All my friends have been having babies, so it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

How about Spring Passion?