Pop Jumper

Pop Jumper
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This weekend was quite the bummer for us. We were all excited because we were going to fly home for a family reunion and a friend's baby shower. But with the big snow storm in the East, Philly airport canceled all flights for 2 days, and we couldn't get a flight out after ours was canceled. So instead of CJ's first flight and getting to see out extended family, we stayed home and Skyped everyone. (Thank goodness for Skype.)

Since we didn't have plans, I got a chance to finish a project I have been working on for the baby. It is a vibrant fun jumper dress. I used some of the extra yarn from the new book, which made me feel so great. I always have so many 1/2 balls left from the books, and I never know what just I want to do with them. Then it hit me, Baby! Baby projects take so little amount of yarn that I hoped it would work out, and it did!

I made this dress from Filatura Di Crosa Zara, it is a lovely washable merino. I really enjoy crocheting with it. And CJ seems to love to play with the yarn, she's pretty darn smart that one.

The shape is one of my favorites for her. It is a sleeveless jumper. I have found that they are perfect for baby girls since they can be dresses when they are little and vests when they are older. For this jumper, I made it easy to change out the neck, so that she can wear it next winter with a larger neck as a vest.

I am working on the pattern now. I am hoping that she lets me type it up this week, so I can have it for you all soon.


Just a Thought said...

I would love the pattern! I know you said you have to get the time, but I can't wait for it! I think it will be perfect for my adorable niece that has a birthday coming up! Nice job it is beautiful!!

Shelby Allaho said...

So Adorable!