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Here's a little sneak peek of the latest project that is hot off my hook. It will be published in just a short bit. I had to run it to the post office in the snow last week with both peanut and Faye in the car with me. I had only 10 min to get it to the office before it closes, so I just threw all my girls in the car and ran. We made it no problem. The post office is only a 2 minute drive, which made me laugh that we had to drive too. It is so close we always walk, but with all the snow on the ground there was no sidewalks to get there.

I really love this stitch pattern. It is quick to crochet and give a pretty lace when it is finished. The yarn is Sublime, which lives up to its name.

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Cindy said...

From what I can see it will really look sublime!