Busy Busy Crocheter

Well, as you may have guessed, I hopped from finishing the book straight into magazine work again. I swear, keeping busy really does help me stay focused and get things done. Plus, I have not worried one bit about the book, say how's the technical editing going or how the photography came out*. Nope, total peace, since my brain is all focused on my next project and CJ.

The next project is for a summer crochet magazine. You can see the sneak peek to the side here. It is a short sleeved top with black touches. It is very classic in style. Once it was done, I wished I made the scoop neck lower, but oh well. The yarn is a sock yarn, so I knew that I wanted a really lacy pattern. There was no way I was going to finish it this century if it was a solid or textured pattern in sock weight. The pattern looks a lot like lattice, which you can see a hint of here.

Next up on the docket?
Where do I start?
I have patterns that I want to get up on the CBF line, organization for the next CGOA Professional Development Day (its in July this year), 2 projects for Inside Crochet, 1 project for Interweave Crochet, a vest I have wanted to crochet CJ since she was just a tiny peanut (and then release as a CBF pattern), and some swatching for Marly (she is the next creative voice behind Bijou Basin Yarns).
So only a little bit of work.
My eyes have been bigger then CJ's naps lately. Now that I am feeling much like my old self again, I find it hard not to want to try to do every project that I have accepted or dream up. My timeline to get a project finished has greatly increased, but my brain does not always remember that. Take this project. I was a week late in getting the sample crocheted. Not because anyone was overly sick or anything, just because I forget that my time is spent doing other things now. You would think that after nearly 5 months (this Wednesday) I would have gotten that down. Oh no. Still trying to squeeze out time to answer emails and check ravelry. But haven't found that time yet.

Speaking of time, I think (fingers crossed) that I have 30 mins of nap time left, so I am off to crochet one of those projects up there.

Happy Crocheting, Everyone!

*In case you didn't know, I actually do not get to see the photography for quite a while. Different publishers have different policies, but for Interweave I am not at the shoot or have anything to do with it. Many bawk at this, but I look at it this way. They are responsible for producing and selling the book, so to them they want to take the best photos possible. And they really do.

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