CJ's Gifts today

CJ's Gifts today
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I just had to break in from the sneak previews and show off CJ's gifts today.

The crocheted toy was a present from Gwen Blakley Kinsler, the Crochet Queen. I was so touched by her kindness to not only give CJ a gift, but to crochet for her as well. I will admit I totally teared up over it. Gwen is a fellow crochet designer and teacher. She is also the founder of CGOA. And incredibly sweet person as well.

The baby blanket was a gift from one of my dearest friend's, Crystal. I was blown away that without asking she picked out an accessory for CJ's room that not only matches the color scheme perfectly, but goes with our hippo animal sheets too. The blanket was made by Hazel May, if you are interested. It is very nice. Oh and she also got CJ's a sushi bib. Which is perfect; since we both adore sushi (Crystal and I), and I have been dying to have some since CJ came along.

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