Baby Sweater in a Minute

Tina's Baby Sweater
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Ok, so it did take me longer then a minute...

This weekend I went to a Baby Shower for my cousin. On Thursday night (about a day and a half before the shower), something came over me and I decided I had to crochet her another baby sweater. Yes, you heard me correctly, ANOTHER. What can I say? Crochet just took over my reasoning ability, and I could not resist. (My reasoning went like this: the baby sweater I made was more for a year old size, and the baby wouldn't be able to wear it for a while. And the newborn robe I made her, she would grow out of fast. So in the between time, she needed something handmade to cover her little body, right?)

So Thursday night, I grabbed some Sirdar Baby Bamboo I had extra from another project and my hooks and got started. Half way through the night, I wasn't happy with the drape so I ripped and re-started in a bigger hook. By morning I only had about 3/4 of the back finished. But since our car ride is about 4.5hours, I could whip through the fronts and joining in no time. Saturday morning, I spent 1.5 hours adding the border and tie, and still had plenty of time to help our Aunt set-up for the shower.

Mission Accomplished!

The size is about 3-6 months. I used the Rock Wrap pattern from my Mission Falls Goes Crochet booklet. I skipped the sleeves and just added a little border edging there instead. The baby bamboo yarn is much lighter then the MF cotton, and by using the smallest size written (12 mths); I got the smaller size I was looking for. (I should note that I added a few extra rows to the body and arm areas, to make up the difference in my gauge.) Complete stats: 2.5 balls of yarn, H hook, one button (on the inside).

I couldn't be happier with the outcome. It is cute and soft and will be great for spring through early fall.


Dana (*danavee*) said...

That sweater is ridiculously cute!

Way Out Wear said...

That's amazing. You're so fast and it's so pretty. What a lucky baby!

Mary Sarah said...

It's adorable! You are amazing!