Summer Sneak Preview

This little cutie sneak preview is one of my favorite projects this season.

As you know, I love flipping through fashion mags and store circulars for the latest trends and styles. While flipping one day, I came across the most gorgeous necklace make from large gold wire motif-ish pendents. I ran to the computer to buy it, and quickly saw there was no way I could justify the expense. By as always, crochet came to my rescue.

I grabbed my steel hooks and thread, and whipped out a similar necklace in only a sitting. Got to love that. This project is a take on that one, made from thread in bright colors for the summer. The preview (on purpose) does not show off the best parts, which I hope you guys enjoy as much as I do.

It will come out sometime this summer. Stay posted as always for more details.


Mary said...

Love the colors , can't wait to see the rest!

Rich said...

Oh my we need it now!