Interweave Store

One big excitement on Saturday was found in my mailbox in the form of my first ever royalty check. But it was not exactly what you think. The royalties were from online pattern sales over at the Interweave Press Store (formerly you could find them at Knitting Daily Store), not from sales of Blueprint Crochet. (Although, BC is doing quite nicely and I have been thrilled with the total sales so far.)

For those of you who haven't heard me say this before, I love working with Interweave. They are some of the good guys in the industry that really to try to work with designers. What I mean by that is they offer designers the choice to have their patterns sold at their online store, and to what extent (in terms of min cost and rights). It is really quite revolutionary of them, since most publishers would never even think of doing this.

What it means for me, is that every time you buy one of my single patterns at the store I get 40% in royalties. (That's a huge amount considering royalities are usually like 10%). Some designer may opt for more rights and they will get less in royalities, but you can be sure that every time you buy a single pattern from the Interweave store the designer is getting a percentage of the sales.

You will find 3 of my patterns for sale: Rosemary Sweater, Eagle Pullover, and Empress Top. You can also purchase Blueprint Crochet, or any of Interweave's Books. Plus, they have a number of back issues of Interweave Crochet, Interweave Knits, and Knitscene.

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