So many projects what's a girl to do?

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I am still plugging away on my pile of projects that surround my desk. (Only 2 more to design, and half a dozen to crochet or finish up)

Above is a work in progress shot of a project I am working on for Amy's new book. Since I couldn't get to TNNA (and see my roomie, Amy), I decided to work on her project this past weekend. I worked on some other secret projects as well, but I can't tell you much about them yet.

I can say, that this project above, is turning out really cute. It is all done except for some buttons, and now that I have it nearly completed; I think it needs accessories. So I'm going to whip up some for Amy, and surprise her with some cuties. Once I am all finished I'll so some sneak previews for you guys.

It is a weird feeling to be so swamped and behind, but still feel like you should be doing more. Maybe it's the overachiever in me, but I am still kicking myself that I have not turned in (or really worked on) a new book proposal for Interweave. The next few weekends I will be devoting a bit of time to getting that done, because I really really want to be working on another book. But that certainly can't happen, unless you submit!

Well, back to crocheting. Actually liking to me able to bundle up under some crocheted afghans and crochet the night away with our freezing temps lately. Hope you are as well!


Way Out Wear said...

Your work is always so even and perfect - flawless!
You think you should be doing more? Wow! You do a lot already girl!
Enjoy cuddling up under a blanket and crocheting.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it may be, it's gorgeous. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I live it.Perfect your job.
My mother's crochet same stile.
I add your blog to my following list.
Take care.I wait to my blog.
See you...