The Knit Kit

Is this not the coolest little device? I saw it while I was reading Marty's blog about TNNA.

Looks like it comes out in March, and you can be sure I'll be the first one to sign up for one.

Check out more here.


Way Out Wear said...

Oh that is sooooo cool! Thanks for sharing. I must have 5!

Yarn Princess said...

I think it's the greatest idea but I hope they come out with one geared towards crocheters too! Like markers we can actually use and a bent end darning needle in place of the closed markers and point protectors?

I've buy at least two or three!

Unknown said...

We were drooling over this today in my knitting group. We meet in the back of a quilt shop, and we were trying to persuade the owner, who also sells yarn, to stock these, as it would make her store ever so popular (and would make us happy as we could buy it from her along with yarn).