Boy, Texas sure does know how to charm a girl!

This weekend Mr. CBF and I got swept over to Houston for some great fun. If I take one thing from this weekend, it's that Texans are super nice people.

For starters, I had asked Drew, yes the Crochet Dude, to go to dinner with us on Friday night. Instead of going out, he asked if we wanted to come over. How nice is that? He wined and dined us in his beautiful home. I mean Drew is so sweet he even cooked for us. I can tell you first hand, his babies, Chandler and Cleo are just that cute in person. I must have drank too much, because I totally forgot to get their cute little faces on film. As you know, I just adore him! We stayed over till after midnight (which is 1am our time), oops. So now you all know, I'm a talker. You have to literally kick me out sometimes. I did manage to remember to get him to autograph his new book, thank goodness.

Saturday was super fun at Yarntopia. I taught Crochet Like A Pro to a group of such happy and fun crocheters. I think everyone learned at least one new trick, which made me tickled pink! Best part really was the crocheters. They were so lively and excited about crochet, it was just infectious. So infectious, that I forgot to take pictures! Oops. Saturday afternoon I got to hang out with a couple of regulars at the shop and eat cookies and stitch and sign books. So relaxing and fun to do! (so fun that they actually sold out of books! woohoo!) Of course, I brought special Cincinnati cookies with me. But Sheryl, had these amazing cranberry cookies that I think I ate at least a half dozen of them. Besides handing out cookies I also got to hand out yarn, which was a blast. I love giving gifts!

But the biggest gift of the day was from Yarntopia. Sheryl is just the sweetest person. Not only did she host us, but she gave me the biggest surprise gift! (yes, I was that surprised!) Her goodie bag contained, a lime green namaste clutch (that I immediately transferred my crochet hooks into and also matched my shoes and top perfectly), a yarntopia bag, grafton fibers sock needles, lime green and blue sock yarn, a laurel hill crochet hook, and crochet inspired pottery stones. I was blown away. Not only was it so sweet of her, but I have been drooling over that clutch for months now. How did she know? Everything in the gift was perfect for me. Still stunned.

Amy, Sheryl, Mr.CBF, and I heading out for an early dinner. They treated us to some good Mexican food, since we love it and rarely get it up here in Cincy. After dinner, Mr. CBF and I headed back to the hotel to chill, but on the way stopped at B&N just to "see" (aka hunt down) Blueprint Crochet. And look what we found!

On Sunday, I got to spend a really wonderful morning teaching how to crochet with beads and wire. Again, the crocheters were fun and energetic and just so much fun to be with. We could have spent all day crocheting it was so much fun! Just look at all they crocheted in class!

On the way to the airport, Mr. CBF wanted to show me some of his favorite places in the city. So we had a drink (and voted) and saw some presidents.

The whole weekend was just a blast. Thank you, Houston, for all your wonderful hospitality!


SAM said...

I'm so glad you had fun, we did as well! I've never been to the Flying Saucer...looks like fun!

Tiffany said...

I am so sorry I missed your visit to my old town! I tried to schedule a weekend visit, but my daughter had a double header volleyball game so we couldn't make it. It would have been completely worth the 5 hour drive down south!

cubedog said...

We loved having you here, Robyn, Y'all come on back anytime you need some rowdy!
Rav: Skully

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