Breaking News

Don't blink, but I'm Number 1 this hour on Amazon. That's the spot for bestselling crochet books on Amazon, it changes hourly- so don't blink! No worries though, I took a screen shot for you. Hee hee- can you tell I am thrilled?

Have you seen the book? If so, feel free to write a review on Amazon. Don't feel like you have to be nice, just because you like me, be honest. I love reviews. I am totally used to criticism (being in the architectural field and all), and always learn something from them. Then again, if you do like it--- I totally "heart" you!

In more breaking news....
On Friday, on Denver's Channel 9 news, at the 4pm news slot- you might see little me on the TV. I just found out that I will be taping a segment on Friday morning for the Friday afternoon news program. If you have TiVo and you live in Denver (and I'm guessing if it was a slow news day); you'll see me! I'm really excited. Mr CBF is thrilled to get to watch them tape the show and all.


Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised! I was at my LYS a couple of days ago when your book came it -- I had her hold one for me, because it is one of the best crochet books I've seen! All the knitters in the shop were jealous :-)

Lorena said...

I purchased mine and I'm waitinf for it's arrival. I can not wait!

Tracy said...

I received my copy yesterday and I'm so excited. I've had a hard time finding crocheted clothing designs that actually look elegant and 'grown up; and you have so many in this book that I can't wait to try. I especially love the diagrams as I do find visual patterns a lot easier to comprehend. Hooray!

Kellycat said...

Hey Robyn, I'm not surprised either, as someone else mentioned. I've been waiting for mine to arrive, and it finally did two days ago. I love you, and I'm positive that I will love all the designs. I've got the book next to me with my sticky pad ready to tag pages. I only got to read the inside cover. I really love how you wrote about breaking the code with the graphs. I love graphs because they are so universal. Not only will I be giving you a real review on Amazon, but on my blog as well. I'm so happy you are on your own now, and hope that this is the beginning to a very happy career of designing on your own.

Kudo's kiddo!
Take Faye for a walk now. :) Wink~

Kellycat (Kelly)

SAM said...

Hey Girlfriend, Congrats!!!! Check out my current blog post to see why I have been so silent lately. I am now in full shop mode and looking forward to your visit. Our book vendor (Unicorn) wasn't going to have the book until the 4th, so I hope to get it next week. Can't wait!