Weekend of Planning

There is much buzzing going around our house these days.

I have a half dozen projects in some form or another to finish up at the end of the month. And we have one very special guest coming in a week to stay with us for a year.

That guest? Our good friend's shepard mix puppy. Maddie is younger and a bit smaller then Faye; but I don't think she'll hold that against her. Faye adores other dogs and will love to have a playmate. Needless to say we are quite at work planning out how to fence off the yard to 1) let them have room to play and 2) be acceptable to the historic board. Cross your fingers that we'll get it right.

While hashing out all of this I ran into a huge snag on one of my projects, I ran out of yarn. So while waiting for it to arrive, I switched projects to a new one. This one has 6 colors in it and is so enjoyable to do. I don't do much with color, so when I get to its really a treat for me.

That said, I have to devise a way to protect all the lovely yarn while I work out side. You can see my solution to the right. One big plastic bag with holes snipped out for all the yarn. Protects and keeps balls from tangling, I like it!

Heading back to finish that project now. Hope your weekend was as delightful as ours!


MrsFife said...

Ohhhh! I wish your design was already available. I recently bought six single skeins of some yarn and have been casting around for ideas...

Dawn said...

Oh, thank you for the plastic bag tip! I hated lugging around the 5 gallon ice cream pail to ball games/ortho appts./violin lessons, etc. with the hole cut out of the lid for the yarn to go thru -- your solution is soooooooo much easier!

BTW -- your projects and inspiration are so motivating -- I loooove visiting your blog!

Mary Sarah said...

I love dogs. I know the 2 will have fun together! Can't wait to see your new projects ... They are always great!

Anonymous said...

I bet you that guest will be better behaved than most!