Book Preview: Vogue on the GO: Grannies

Book Preview

While traveling this week, I got a little surprise in the mail. My contributor's copy of
Vogue Knitting on the Go: Grannies (Vogue Knitting on the Go!) !
It's the next book in the Vogue on the Go! Series. Every project is constructed from granny squares of some form to make purses, cardigans, pillows, scarfs, hats and more. I must say Linda Permann's pillows on the front cover are my favorite in the book. I love the rusty color combo in the motifs.

My project was a little cropped cardigan made from Kollage's Yummy yarn, which was quite yummy in deed! Here was the sneak preview from a couple of (or 9!) months ago. And here is the completed front and back view. So did you think it would look like this?

I did get to flip through the pattern and noticed that they did get to use some of my crochet diagrams. I am quite thrilled that they could include them in the pattern, since I LOVE my diagrams. Since it was 9 months ago that I turned it in, I really can't remember much about the design or crocheting other then we were watching a ton of football at the time. And boy am I happy that its not football season yet again! But that's why we have blogs, right? Here's are my posts on the design from last November. I will say, if you are thinking of making one too, and are looking for substitute yarns - I would suggest some blend with wool or elastic in it. The bamboo blend is nice and has lots of drape, but I think this top would also look cute if it was a bit more body hugging too. Hope you enjoy, it really is a cute little book!


Amy said...

I got my contributor copy recently too! I love your little top.

Ellen Bloom said...

Granny Squares are the building blocks to fashion!

Mary Sarah said...

Can't wait to grab a copy! Congratulations! Your top is too cute!