Thank you, Yard Sale Winner, and Swatching

Thank you everyone who bid and bought my yard sale goodies from my craft closet. I can not tell you how much lighter and brighter and more focused I feel for getting rid of that 100 lbs (and that's not an exaggeration!) of yarn that I was not ever going to get to touch. So thank you guys! I feel so much happier now that it is in the capable crafty hands of yours.

With that, my last giveaway of the yard sale goes to......

You are the winner of the huge pile of charity yarn. (send me an email with your address and I'll ship the yarn right out) Angela makes blankets for pets when you adopt them. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but Faye was a stray that we adopted back in Maryland. She was found walking the highway (not smart in the DC metro area) at around 4 months old. We were so lucky, that Mr CBF just happened to stop into the shelter at lunch the same day she was brought in and saw her and fell in love. About 2 weeks later (after our home visit and records were processed) we got to take her home. She and we were very lucky, since one of the volunteers took her home immediately that day and took care of her until our papers cleared. Faye did come with her own handmade blanket too, and for the first year always slept with it. So pet blankets are very near to our hearts too.

I also want to thank Lauren. She sent me this lovely hook case for my clover hooks. Lauren that was so sweet of you for thinking of me! It does fit my hooks perfectly. Thank you!

Since the craft room is clear, I have been swatching my heart out again. Yay to swatching! It's so much fun testing out new stitch patterns, and tinkering with them a bit. (the pics are a few from my weekend) Hope you guys had a swatching weekend too!

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