Watch what you tell your friends....

The finished penguin!
Originally uploaded by q_pucel

Yesterday we had a Memorial Day/ Stanley Cup Game Cook-out at our house with our friends. Mark told everyone that there would be prizes for the best Penguin themed side-dish, dessert, or drink. He’s a HUGE Pittsburgh fan of everything Pittsburgh, but especially the Pens. And the Pens in the finals are like heaven to him, even though they are totally taking a beating.

Man, our friends are creative! Some brought golden pineapple to grill (to make them black and gold) or corn and black bean salad (again black and gold) or even Steel themed beer. Hilarious!

But the best in show was Q and Chris’s Penguin. This little buddy was so funny and tasty, how could he not win? If you are wondering how they made him, you can check out Q’s flickr page. Basically he’s a huge crispy treat covered in chocolate. I nearly teared up with laughter every time I walked by him.


ikkinlala said...

What a neat idea for a dessert!

I'm not cheering for either team in the finals, really, but I am watching and hoping the Pens win a game or two to make it a better series.

Brett Bara said...

LOVE IT. Any animal-shaped baked good is a winner in my book!