Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #13: Wavy Raglan

This is the last project for my spring crunch projects. Every April, seems unbelievably crazy with the amount of projects we try to get done to get ready for the Fall season. I really should know better, but I just get so darn excited as soon as that first bud pops open outside. So many project ideas come rushing in, that by now I am pooped. Well, my brain isn't pooped, just my hands. My brain is going a mile a minute right now coming up with all sorts of wacky plans. It's like having eyes that are bigger then your stomach. I have eyes that are faster then my hands.
This project will be in another Fall magazine this year. The editors talked to me about the sort of sweater they were thinking of, and this is what popped out. I chuckled at my flickr photos because from swatching for it to boxing it up and shipping it was 9 days. Yup, that's from dreaming up the design, sketching it out, drawing it up, and crochet it. Don't blame the editors, they gave me a month but with everything going on in April, I didn't get to it to the last few days. Still 9 days is a bit quick even for me, so I am pretty darn proud of myself. My hands are not happy campers, but I am. I think its super cute. Its a fun stitch pattern in a raglan sleeve. I don't do too many raglan sleeves, so this project was fun for me to seam up. I actually wear a lot of raglans, even though I don't design too many. I really like showing off the seam, so I had a blast coming up with how I wanted to join the panels. I was able to try it on and model it for Faye. She gives 2 paws up in approval.


Marikka said...

Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you don't design much using raglan sleeves? I'm always curious as to designer preferences.

Robyn said...

Good Question. I really don't have an answer. I usually let the stitch pattern and style dictate the sleeves for me. A number of stitch patters are just easier to write out in drop sleeves or set-in sleeves. Rarely is it easy to describe the raglan sleeve decrease in a magazine format (aka as few words as possible). But I do find crocheting them to be fun, when I can.